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  • Access our link-building platform and know rivalries’ link building scenario
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We use Search Royals for link building for our clients and we’re very satisfied. We’re specialized in Onsite SEO, where Search Royals provides us with their expertise of link building and the opportunity to offer our clients a link building product, which is strong, affordable and yields results.

Digitial Agency specialized in Google Ads, SEO, Google Shopping

Easy to Order. Job well Done
Search Royals gives us an opportunity to be amongst the best SEO agencies in Denmark, as they offer high quality for our clients. It’s super easy to order, the work is well-executed and we’re dealing with genuine experts.

Digitial Agency specialized in Google Ads, SEO, Google Shopping

Frequently Ask Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions on the right site. If you don’t find the answers that you are looking for, then please reach out to us. We are here to help.

How do you make sure this is high quality content?

Our copywriting team keeps a very high standard for quality and talent. All our writers write for top publishing companies and have a proven track record. Plus, we have close relationships with all the publishing media in our network and know in advance what content works best for each of them. Last but not least, before sending any piece of content, our team goes through a rigorous reviewing process with our COO personally providing the final review to ensure the top quality work. Following this process, our articles have been shared and read by millions.

What if we don’t like the content?

Every piece of content goes through a rigorous reviewing process before being published. We make sure in advance with the relevant publishing media that our content will work. That said, if you want us to adjust or change a piece of copy, we’ll work with you to revise our content to fit your expectation and requirement.

Do you verify if the content remains indexed in Google all the time?

Yes. Our proprietary software keeps track of all articles automatically. So whenever there is a broken link, security issue, or a change in the traffic performance, our software informs us instantly to provide you with a plan of action.

How are you different from other link building services?

We are a tech company specializing in link building. Our team provides world-class link building services but with the help of software to provide a more reliable and efficient experience to our users. Our founders had worked with link building since 2008 and started Search Royals to make the process more transparent, cost-efficient, and result-driven.

How do you make sure of the publishing network quality?

Every media website or company has been analyzed and vetted before adding them to our network. We verify the audience authenticity, the traffic quality, the content relevance, and their Google placement. We also contact the owner directly to have a direct relationship with them. This process ensures that every media is of top quality and that whenever we publish on their platform, our content generates the best SEO and backlink authority.

What if I have a very specific niche?

Excellent. We have a network of 200+ copywriters with expertise in all industries. In addition, our media and publishing companies cater to every niche possible so that our content hits the mark every time.

Do you verify that all links remain “do-follow” all the time?

Our proprietary software keeps track of all articles to ensure they point back to your website (“do-follow”) at all times. If a link is broken or not recognized by Google, we get notified instantly and fix the link. In addition, every link strength is verified in real-time to make sure your website authority remains intact all the time.